April 18
The highly anticipated 2019 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham has come and passed, but have no fear, DesignHammer is here to catch you up with what you missed out on! Go ahead and check out what our team had to say about their favorite films!
March 22
Take a look at the DesignHammer staff's favorite underground film picks and the reasons why they think you should give their film a watch!
February 07
Why CAPTCHA has gotten so difficult (interesting read!), a preview of Vue.js 3.0 by Evan You, and an in-depth interview with the senior graphics editor behind a popular American science magazine.
February 06
This round of updates includes our January event recap, our latest project summary, and a list of conferences coming up that you don't want to miss out on.
January 07
Read about DesignHammer's December, filled with office holiday celebrations and staff adventures!
December 07
It's been a No Nonsense November at DesignHammer, filled with conferences, awards, and educational entertainment.