DesignHammer offers a number of services to help our clients solve their business problems. Our solutions are guided by our strategic development process, which leverages our collective strengths, years of experience, knowledge of current industry best practices, and data-driven evaluation methods to excel at the services we deliver our customers.


We believe websites are best seen as tools to solve business problems. Our team will strategize with you to identify the best technology digital marketing solutions to help you achieve your organizational goals. We will collaborate with your team to define metrics of success before the project begins so you know how well the website is performing in the weeks and months after it is launched.

Effective web design harnesses the power of the web to deliver a clear message in a visually pleasing format on both desktop and mobile devices.

Our developers use current open-source (not proprietary) code when possible to increase portability and decrease costs. The technology solution we provide you will be complementary to your website goals and current and practical for your needs.

Providing custom development using a variety of frameworks and platforms

Open-source content management system
Open-source content management system
Open-source web framework
Open-source Model–view–viewmodel JavaScript framework
Open-source desktop application framework
CRM platform integration
Open-source PHP web framework
Wild Apricot
Membership Management Software

SEO allows people to find your organization by making your site readable by search engines. If your site isn't in the first few pages of search engine results, you're likely missing out on valuable prospects. 

A website can be interpreted very differently from user to user. While one user can easily navigate through a site, others may struggle to find the information they need to keep them interested in your business. 

In order to ensure people with disabilities, who often rely on assistive technology – such as blind users who rely on screen readers. are able to use your site; we encourage all clients to consider "accessible" designs for their project.