In the Office

As a member of DesignHammer’s dev team, Tiffany is honing-in on her full-stack skills by taking on a variety of WordPress development projects. Outside of WordPress, she develops in a number of other frameworks including Angular and PHP. Her favorite part of the job is understanding a client’s vision and working with them to deliver products that both meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Professional Background

Tiffany has been interested in development and design since building her first websites on homestead and tripod in the 1990s. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Non-Profit Studies, but she’s always gravitated toward more technical interests. As a non-profit admin, her design and programming-related tasks like editing sites in DreamWeaver and writing Excel functions and macros were always the most compelling to her; she finally realized her true calling was in Web Development and took the plunge to start a new career. Tiffany’s been a developer with DesignHammer since 2019 with a focus in WordPress development.

Out of the Office

In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys cooking, amateur genealogy and exploring hidden gems in and around her hometown. She also enjoys traveling and when not actually doing so, she enjoys making travel plans. She’s also a bit of a geography nerd (show her a flag and she’ll tell you what country it belongs to). A recent newlywed, she has enjoyed settling down into married life with her husband Josh.

Tiffany's Blog Posts

June 30

In honor of DesignHammer’s 20th Anniversary, we thought it would be neat to ask the DesignHammer team what they thought the DesignHammer logo represented.

June 17

Following up on our previous DesignHammer logo interpretation blog post, Part 2 of this mini-series provides an overview of what the word "DesignHammer" means to each of our staff members.

June 3
Now that we're over a year into the Pandemic, we thought it would be interesting to look back at all the ways the emergence of the coronavirus has changed the professional world, both positively and negatively. So we asked the DesignHammer staff to share their experiences about working through the pandemic throughout the past year. 
May 25

Everyone tends to have passions and subjects that they like to 'geek' out about — our team at DesignHammer is no different. In honor of Geek Pride Day, here are some of the things that really send our staff down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Tiffany's Projects

Divers Alert Network felt their three outdated web properties lacked a consistent brand identity and weren’t effectively engaging their audiences. See how user engagement increased after DesignHammer consolidated them into a modern, user-friendly WordPress website with a custom design and mobile-responsive theme.