We strive to stand above standard development shops by partnering to build technologies that help you achieve your organizational goals. This is accomplished through our collaborative development process, which we have refined over 20 years to produce custom technology solutions, exceed client expectations, and deliver consistent results.

Planning Process icon

Discovery & Planning is the core framework we use to ensure a successful project is delivered on time, on budget, and meets your organizational needs. We collaborate with you to identify your goals, obstacles, strengths, and opportunities. Our comprehensive process ultimately creates a roadmap for the project and sets expectations for timeline, milestones, and delivery.

Design Process icon

Design is where we craft the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) of your site through wireframes, design concepts, and ultimately design implementation. UX/UI are critical components of your project's success. Confused prospects don’t convert to customers and frustrated customers don’t stay with you for long. Whether you choose to use an existing template, are looking for a fully customized theme, or somewhere in between; our team will lead you from inspiration to a fully polished user interface that meets modern usability standards.

Development Process icon

DesignHammer leverages a range of open-source technologies, software that doesn’t require a licensing fee, to maximize ROI while we deliver digital solutions that solve your business challenges. We select the best technology for your project including many common open-source frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, Django, and others.

Continuous Improvement Process icon

Continuous Improvement ensures that your project will continue to be effective in the long-term. A technology project doesn’t simply end once and for all after the official launch. To maintain focus on your business goals, your project should be regularly monitored, optimized, and updated as your business needs change. More than just security patching and maintenance, our Continuous Improvement process keeps your new website contributing to your organization’s success for years to come.