October 06
Employees of DesignHammer and Ablr, an accessibility and inclusion company, participated in a well-attended group video panel during the recent UX Y'all Conference where they freely discussed concepts related to accessible web design. Despite a huge setback at the beginning of the session, the speakers managed to successfully educate the audience on several accessibility issues faced by the visual and hearing impaired today.
September 08
DesignHammer has been awarded five dotCOMM Awards in the 2021 competition, including two Platinum Awards, one Gold Award, and two Honorable Mentions! Our agency has now received fifteen awards in total from the dotCOMM organization in the past 5 years.
June 02
DesignHammer has been awarded two 2021 Vega Digital Awards by International Awards Associate for our Divers Alert Network website redesign.
January 13
Effective web design first requires an objective evaluation of how well the proposed UX/UI will ultimately deliver organizational goals, aesthetic decisions should come second to this.
January 07
Our team is excited to announce that DesignHammer has been recognized by international B2B agency review platform Clutch as the fifth top-performing B2B agency in all of North Carolina.