How Your Workforce Can Navigate the COVID-Era From Home

Last week DesignHammer became a distributed company.

Due to recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) “social distancing” ordinances, we are now seeing companies scramble to change their policies and operations to accommodate more employees working from home (WFH). As a small web development agency, transitioning to a WFH environment wasn’t a huge feat for us to accomplish, as we’ve long been set up for this kind of situation–in terms of operations, at least. That being said, it appears that other organizations are struggling to cope with the chaos that these inconvenient isolation precautions have created for them.

At DesignHammer utilizing internet technologies is our day-to-day focus. As web experts, we feel it’s our duty to hold conversations with those who may be struggling to cope with this new normal. One advantage of the existing interconnectedness of our modern world is the ability to collaborate extensively online, so many organizations are actually more equipped for this adjustment than they realize.

As a manager or business owner you may be rightfully wondering how to keep your head above water during these turbulent times. This may include how you are going to encourage safe habits within your organization, how to adapt to a work-from-home environment, and how to reprioritize certain internal initiatives given the novel circumstances. Before we get into the latter though, let’s first make sure you are using all of the tools at your disposal to keep operations running smoothly from the comfort of your laptop.