All Things Open 2020

DesignHammer has recently been more involved with All Things Open, a national group that curates events and platforms focused on open source software, technologies and the web. As primary experts on the open-source Drupal and WordPress platforms, we felt like this was a natural partnership in the making.

The first event we attended was an annual kickoff of sorts, Spacewalk 2020. It was great to have a brief overview of the organization and learn more about some exciting new platforms in 2020. We also heard from Andy Hunt, a pioneer in the open-source world, who authored the groundbreaking book The Pragmatic Programmer 20 years ago. The book was thought to be a cornerstone read for a generation of programmers who sought to find the essence of software development regardless of language, framework or methodology.

We also attended their first meetup of the year, which featured a couple of local thought leaders. The first speaker was Peter Elbaum, a local software engineer well-versed in Drupal, Angular, Python, React, Redux, Node, GraphQL and more. He gave an insightful presentation on Javascript Frameworks not only provided a brief history of JavaScript and the rise of libraries and frameworks with jQuery, NodeJS and Knockout but also addressed the major JavaScript issue that today’s major frameworks like Angular, React and Vue seek to resolve: preserving state is necessary in applications but difficult to achieve using plain JavaScript. Elbaum based his premise on the March 2018 Medium article “The deepest reason why modern JavaScript frameworks exist.”

John Hammink, an open-source advocate and thought leader at Aiven, followed with a fascinating discussion on the history of data propagation and how the transmission and storage of data continue to evolve. Hammink also addressed GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance strategies and acknowledged that widespread enforcement of GDPR standards is nearly impossible. DesignHammer continues to write about GDPR as well as it is currently at the forefront of internet compliance.

DesignHammer is excited to continue to partner with All Things Open on a professional development and networking level as we look to expand our knowledge and footprint in the local open-source ecosystem. Unfortunately, this month’s Meetup has been canceled due to the restrictions placed on group gatherings, but we’ll update this space when we know about the next event.

ATO 2020

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