Drupal Give is:
Knowledge Sharing. Collaboration. Camaraderie.

Here at DesignHammer, we're big fans of Drupal.

As a proud organization member of the Drupal Association, we give back by sponsoring events, contributing code and design, sharing knowledge and writing about our favorite CMS.

This page highlights our role in the Drupal community and is our part of the Drupal Give initiative.


Drupal Write

Our latest writings on Drupal

This July, I got to experience my first deep-dive into Drupal culture by attending Drupal Camp…
DesignHammer has a long relationship with Drupal, Jenkins, CasperJS, and PhantomJS. You can read…
These last few weeks have been challenging. It looks like the global COVID-19 pandemic is going to…
Latest Updates: February 2019 Hunter Kenny Thanks for joining us in the new year! With January…
A Little Bit of Action this August Hunter Kenny Summer is starting to wind down, which means…
It’s Thursday! Which means we are bringing our readers some consistent, fresh content as promised.…
Keeping it Cool this Summer Hunter Kenny It’s finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is!…
Working and playing hard at DesignHammer Jeanette Larsen We’ve had a full and busy month around the…

Drupal Think

Drupal conference presentations we’ve given

Drupal Camp Asheville 2021 Asheville, NC
Drupal Camp Asheville 2015 Asheville, NC
Drupal GovCon 2015 Bethesda, MD

Drupal Honors

Drupal recognition we've received

In-house redesign of DesignHammer website earned a Platinum dotCOMM Award.

dotCOMM Award

Winner of a Platinum dotCOMM Award.

Vega Award
dotCOMM Award
Communicator Award

Winner of a Vega Centauri Award, Vega Arcturus Award, dotCOMM Honorable Mention, Communicator Award of Excellence, and Communicator Award of Distinction.

W3 Awards
Davey Awards
dotCOMM Awards

Winner of a w3 Gold Award, Davey Silver Award, and dotCOMM Honorable Mention. 

Communicator Awards (logo)
dotCOMM Awards
Davey Awards
Summit Creative Award
Hermes Creative Award

Winner of the Communicator Award of Distinction, dotCOMM Gold Award and Honorable Mention, two Davey Silver Awards, two Hermes Creative Honorable Mentions, and a Summit Creative Finalist Award.

Blue Drop Awards - Finalist

Finalist in the Best Entertainment Website category.

Blue Drop Awards - Winner

Winner in the Best Sports Website category.

Blue Drop Awards - Finalist

Finalist in the Best Fundraising Website category.

Drupal Certifications

Our Acquia Certified Experts

We know Drupal. So much so, we’ve engaged The Acquia Certified Professional program, the first program in the industry providing systematic, objective assessment, to validate our skills and knowledge of Drupal.