How to Make Email Marketing More Effective

November 29, 2010

Email marketing is a highly successful avenue for getting messages across to customers and prospects, but there are several factors that could turn a successful campaign idea into an ineffective email marketing effort if not executed properly. In his presentation at the Internet Summit in Raleigh, Michael C Bird of NetProspex highlighted seven important points to keep in mind when setting up your next e-mailing.

FTC Addresses Word of Mouth, Bloggers and New Media in Latest Guides to Advertising

October 6, 2009

The new Guides are effective December 1st, 2009. As is usually the case, ignorance of the law is not an advisable defense. Since the new Guides specifically address “new media” content such as blogs and viral marketing, it is a good idea for anyone writing reviews, or providing testimonials in online publishing, become familiar with the Guides, particularly if they have a direct relationship with, or receive any sort of compensation from product or service providers.