Reader's Corner No. 105: Marketing Learned from Competitive Fencing, Weird Javascript, and Marijuana or Broccoli?

June 27, 2019

A variety of topics today in RC #105! From business marketing lessons, to strange activity in Javascript, all the way to AI's struggle with distinguishing between marijuana or broccoli.... surely one of these topics will pique your interest! Let us know which article you liked best in the comment section below.

En Garde: Three Marketing Lessons Learned From A Competitive Fencing Career

David Minton

Source: Forbes

Takeaway: Other than my home and DesignHammer, I probably spend more time at Mid-South Fencers’ Club , training and competing, than any place else. That being the case, I couldn’t pass up sharing Mandy Glidewell’s Forbes post suggesting lessons learned as a competitive fencer translated to a successful career in marketing. In the post, she address how mastering footwork, focusing on being competitive, and controlling tempo equate to not losing sight of the basics, focusing on doing great work, and successful project management. Maybe too geeky to some, I’m sure my fellow fencers will enjoy it.

Tags: #Marketing

Why ['1', '7', '11'].map(parseInt) returns [1, NaN, 3] in Javascript

Jay Roberts

Source: Medium: Eric Tong

Takeaway: Read the documentation for functions you use. Be explicit when passing parameters. Always specify the radix when using `parseInt` in javascript.

Tags: #Programming



Marijuana or Broccoli? Facebook Illustrates AI's Challenges With This Example

Hunter Kenny

Source: CNET

Takeaway: Another reassuring reason to believe that the Artificial Intelligence world takeover probably won't be happening for quite some time.

Tags: #AI, #Humor

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