Access Not Denied

November 28, 2018

While many organizations are interested in the concept of having an accessible website, they often do not understand the holistic nature of creating and maintaining an accessible website. In our experience, accessibility must be a team effort between between a web team and the content creators, and it can't stop once an accessible website launches.

How Abandoned Blogs and National Public Radio can help a Black Hat SEO

May 14, 2012

When conducting SEO research for a client, I often examine incoming links to competitors' websites. Recently, a competitor rocketed to the top of the search rankings. I noticed links from over ten TypePad blogs to the competitor for several of their targeted search terms.

Beer O'clock — Terrapin Tomfoolery Black Saison

April 21, 2011

April 8th — Every Friday at DesignHammer, we take time after a long day of designing cutting edge websites to sit down and have a gourmet beer tasting. Today Jay chose Terrapin’s Tomfoolery "Black Saison" for us to sample. Tomfoolery is a Terrapin Side Project: a limited edition, one time batch featuring new brewing improvisations and highlighting a different brewing style.