Reader's Corner No. 104: The OS Keeping NYC Subway System Alive, 3 Lessons in Branding, and Why You Keep Plugging that USB Stick in Wrong

June 21, 2019

Happy Monday! Start your week off on the right foot by learning something new in these neat staff submissions. Each of today's shared articles contains knowledge that is either useful, handy, or just plain interesting! Read on to find out why you always plug your USB stick in upside down on the first try, learn more about the "vintage technology" keeping the NYC subway system alive, and check your design knowledge by seeing how many of these three AIGA branding lessons you know already.

The Forgotten Operating System That Keeps the NYC Subway System Alive

Jay Roberts

Source: VICE

Takeaway: Tech decisions can have long term impacts. Favoring simplicity and reliability can pay off majorly for many projects.

Tags: #Programming, #Technology

3 Lessons in Branding Every Student of Design Should Know

David Minton

Source: AIGA Eye on Design

Takeaway: While preparing to help with portfolio review of Advertising and Graphic Design students at Alamance Community College next month, I was happy to come across Madeleine Morley’s interview of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. The two are partners at Triboro, an influential studio in Brooklyn serving high-profile clients including Nike, Nickelodeon, and MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art), as well as teachers at the School of Visual Arts in New York. They offered three critical recommendations for students starting out in branding: do your research, the logo is not the identity, and design is valuable. Read the full post in AIGA Eye on Design for the details.

Tags: #Design



Ever Plugged A USB In Wrong? Of Course You Have. Here's Why

Michael Nicholson

Source: NPR

Takeaway: We've all done it, and we've all managed to do it three times in a row at some point, but it turns out that the choice to make the original USB cable non-reversible was for one of the most common reasons: cost. But now the lead on the team that built that first version admits he also finds it frustrating. Just goes to show that sometimes cost-based decisions lead to unnecessarily poor UX.

Tags: #UX #ProjectLead

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