Reader's Corner No. 103: Unloved Patches, HTTP Status Dogs, and Staying Up to Date with Web Development

June 13, 2019

Today's Reader's Corner covers all the web development topics you weren't thinking about today! Like, is it really worth it to submit patches to the WordPress team? Or perhaps you weren't wondering about what HTTP Status codes look like if they weren't just numbers... but dogs instead? Don't worry, if you realize that you DO sometimes fall behind the most recent web dev. discussions, our last staff submission provides a list of some of the best resources for actually keeping up with them!

Unloved Patches

Jay Roberts


Takeaway: Daniel Jalkut laments an all-too-common occurrence in the open source community where a well-reasoned contribution is met not with acceptance or rejection just...nothing. Open source software depends on good communication and when that breaks down it jeopardizes the health of the platform.

Tags: #Programming, #OpenSource, #Communication

HTTP Status Dogs

Amanda Hart


Takeaway: Using cute dog picture clickbait to explain HTTP status codes? Genius!

Tags: #Humor, #Random



Staying Up To Date With Web Development

Madelyn Yonnetti

Source: - Maria Codes

Takeaway: It seems like web development is constantly, well, developing, and we just can't seem to keep up. Especially if we don't have the time to catch up because we're busy actually coding. But this article gives some useful resources, such as podcasts, magazines, and the NY Times that are worth checking out. You never know all that you can learn from just 20 minutes from an enthusiastic British web developer.

Tags: #WebDevelopment, #Design

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