Jay Roberts

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Lead Developer

A native New Yorker, Jay moved to Raleigh in late 2007 to pursue a career in web design, and quickly found a home at DesignHammer.

After studying for his liberal arts degree at Clinton Community College, and taking coursework in Mass Media and Communications at Plattsburgh State University, Jay turned his focus to web design. He has been working in the industry ever since following a lifelong passion for computer programming. While studying for his Associates degree, Jay was also offered a position at the college as a Web Coordinator. There he developed custom web applications used by the faculty, staff and students. He also conducted a usability study for the college’s website highlighting suspected navigation and interface issues which eventually led to a major website redesign for the college. The new site included improved navigation, tools and a continuing focus on user experience that greatly enhanced the appeal of the site. Professionally, Jay strives to create clean, solid rich interactive websites combining open-source software with custom written code and applications.

Currently, Jay’s work at DesignHammer involves developing and implementing websites and mobile applications, as well as providing consulting and technical support to the firm’s clients. He is inspired by the entire community of software developers and colleagues to continually cultivate his skills.

In his downtime, Jay is also a talented musician and enjoys playing guitar and drums with his coworkers. Jay also likes to spend time with his family and his adorable miniature Dachshunds.

Certifications & Affiliations

For two DesignHammer staff members, utilizing standing desks boosts energy and productivity while easing the pains and problems usually associated with sitting.

Today we are open-sourcing a component that makes it easy to build responsive sidebar views for iOS apps. We recently released a new iOS app for organizing workout timers called Extimer. The app design called for a menu that the user could access by sliding the...

Today you may notice that many sites, including Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia, are displaying messages about SOPA and PIPA.

Jay's most recent projects

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North Carolina High School Athletic Association

  • Project Planning

The NCHSAA needed a website that would serve as a stand-alone resource for the latest news from the Association and updates from its athletic events.