Michael Nicholson

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Project Manager


Born and raised in Chapel Hill, NC, Michael attended all 18 years of school in Chapel Hill. And just as you may expect from a NC native, he has strong feelings about barbeque and chicken biscuits.

While studying Chemistry at UNC, Michael assisted in running computer-based lab testing for undergraduate labs. He later helped the UNC Center for Public Service to design and implement an online database which tracked public service opportunities and connected volunteers to them. Since then Michael continued with customer-facing work, including a variety of roles supporting end user and small business technologies.

In the Office

As a Technical Project Manager at DesignHammer, Michael coordinates the internal teams and aligns their efforts with client needs. Over the years, he has developed the personal work motto “It’s not us vs. them”. He believes that the relationship between provider and client needs to be honest and reasonable for everyone to win.

Additionally, he supports the business development team in forecasting resource availability and scheduling newly signed projects.

Out of the Office

In his free time, Michael has a habit of reading about new things and then collecting them as hobbies. Some of his current interests include: old, cranky cars, tabletop strategy games, movies, relaxing with his wife, and building and painting miniatures. Oh, and did I mention that he has pet chickens?

Much like other DesignHammer members, he has been fencing for a while – 28 years, though with a short 10 year break. Aside from fencing foil at the National level, Michael is also an official and has been a varsity team assistant coach at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Speaking Experience

  • NCTech4Good Conference (Durham, NC)

Certifications & Affiliations

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