Reader's Corner No. 93: Typography Trends in 2019, Unique Label Designs for Whiskey Bottles, and TeenNick's Typography Rebrand

January 31, 2019

It's time for our monthly, themed edition of Reader's Corner, and today we're keeping your eye on typography design! Read about the new type trends in 2019 to look out for, see some unique whiskey bottle label designs, and give us your opinion on TeenNick's bold typography transition and new brand identity.

Typography Trends in 2019 to Look Out For

David Minton

Source: Creative Bloq

Takeaway: To forecast typography trends for 2019, Dom Carter reviewed what cutting edge designers were doing in 2018. His trends included hand-made typefaces, Phototype brutalism (harkening back to the tough utilitarian san serif facers of the 1960s and tight set serif faces of the 1970s), and Less and less design (i.e. minimalism). Most interesting to me is the swift acceptance and implementation of Variable Fonts; a font format that allows a single font to be used at various widths and weights. This brought me back to doing design for print with Adobe Multiple Master (later Opentype), and the ability to get a great variation in multiple axes, including weight, width, and optical size. Entire projects set in a single typeface could still possess great subtlety in type, achieved by variation along the different Multiple Master axes.

Tags: #Design, #Typography

30 Unique Packaging and Label Designs for Whisky Bottles

Frank Yonnetti

Source: Spoon Graphics

Takeaway: Some of the best typography skills can be found on a label glued to a whiskey bottle. Of all the products out there, very few put so much emphasis on type layout supported by ligatures, symbols, and patterns. Each label is truly a piece of art.

Tags: #Typography, #Branding

TeenNick Rebrand Takes Typography on New Twists and Turns

Hunter Deschepper

Source: NewscastStudio

Takeaway: Growing up watching networks like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network it's always interesting to see how these brands morph their identities over time. TeenNick's new typography designs may seem like a bold move from the outside, but certainly, make sense from a marketing perspective. With the rise of social media, the internet trends that appeal to the teenagers of today (think memes) are as bold as ever, so I find it wise of TeenNick to be adjusting their brand strategy accordingly.

Tags: Typography, #BrandIdentity

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