Frank Yonnetti

Partner / Designer & Front-end Developer

Originating from New York, Frank has been traveling to and from North Carolina since his early teenage years, finally deciding to settle down in the Triangle area over ten years ago.

Upon graduation from the State University of New York at New Paltz with a BFA in Graphic Design, Frank began his career as Assistant Designer for Vassar College under the supervision of Typographer and Graphic Designer George Laws. Under the tutelage of his mentor, Frank refined the skills needed to excel as a graphic designer. Since relocating to North Carolina, he has continued his professional growth in the rapidly evolving field of Web Design, working first for RTI International and later NetworkArts prior to founding DesignHammer with colleagues David Minton and Robert Weeks.

As Partner and Senior Designer, Frank oversees user interface design leading client consultation, project management, and assists in performing site maintenance. He is a highly skilled HTML and CSS developer. Frank’s aesthetic sense has helped shape the web presence for clients in a wide range of industries including banking, entertainment, retail, publishing, telecommunications, as well as governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations.

While away from work, Frank also enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and friends, eating great food and drinking well crafted beer.

Certifications & Affiliations

Grunt is a JavaScript task runner created to implement the many repetitive tasks most developers have to do everyday. This post serves as a brief overview and introduction of Grunt.

After adding the Google + button to our blog and news pages, I notice a display issue with the recommendations hover drop-down. It appeared to be slightly blown apart at the top, but how do I figure out what is causing this?

For the past few years Drupal has become the CMS of choice for DesignHammer. So much so, that we set aside the time to port our entire website to Drupal. We can finally say that we “eat our own dog food” now.

Frank's most recent projects

Streamlining workflow with low-maintenance digital signage using Drupal

How can a new or existing Drupal platform be utilized to tackle your toughest business problems? See how the Carolina Theatre tapped into its existing Drupal website to improve internal operations.

North Carolina High School Athletic Association

The NCHSAA needed a website that would serve as a stand-alone resource for the latest news from the Association and updates from its athletic events.

Raleigh Rescue Mission

Looking to further engage online visitors and facilitate relationship building, Raleigh Rescue Mission decided to optimize their website for mobile users.