Frank Yonnetti

Partner / Designer & Front-end Developer


Originally from New York, Frank comes from a humble background. After spending years helping his dad in their small family-owned auto body shop, Frank decided this was not his chosen career path. After high school he attended State University of New York and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design. Immediately he began working at Vassar College as an assistant designer under the mentorship of his esteemed professor, George Laws. His experiences at Vassar would give him an invaluable education on typography and the world of graphic design. This inspired Frank to continually strive to better himself as a designer.

Looking for a chance to grow and start a family, Frank and his wife decided to relocate to North Carolina. Before founding DesignHammer in 2001 he worked as a web designer at both RTI International and NetworkArts.

In the office

As the lead designer at DesignHammer he both produces and oversees all design work. In addition, he helps with project management, client consultation, and performs site maintenance. Frank’s experience, skills, and humility as a designer are vital to our office.

Frank feels very fortunate to love his job and looks forward to the challenges he faces. He says his favorite parts of the work day are the periods of time where he can be “heads down “ writing front-end code.

Out of the office

If you ever talk to Frank more than once, you will probably hear some proud-dad sentiment about his teenage daughter or about his love of beer and movies. He enjoys spending time at home relaxing with his family.

Even in his free time, Frank does more design work. He is not interested in being stagnant in his design but is progressive. He enjoys following web design industry leaders on Twitter, and is eager to try new front-end techniques.

Certifications & Affiliations

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