Reader's Corner No. 46:, Fear of a Smartphone Dystopia, and Keeping Projects On-time and On-Budget

October 09, 2017

This week are sharing about our readings on a free, online font pairing tool, the fear of a smartphone dystopia, and how to keep your projects on-time and on-budget.

Jeanette Larsen


Takeaway: This online tool is a fun and quick way to pair fonts together. You can quickly visualize how a heading and body copy would work together, and vote on whether you think it's successful or not. I particularly like that the page also gives a description and more information about the fonts generated.

Tags: #Fonts, #Design, #Typography

'Our minds can be hijacked’: The tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

David Gouch

Source: The Guardian

Takeaway: A topic that’s being tread pretty well right now, but I appreciated this article because it showed some specific examples of extremes some techies are taking to curb smartphone (don’t say *addiction*) use.

Tags: #SocialMedia, #Attention

How to Keep Your Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Michael Nicholson

Source: How to Manage a Camel

Takeaway: Consistently enforced and monitored project controls are one of the keys to keeping projects on schedule and on budget. These project controls include financial constraints, resource management, client feedback and collaboration, and project progress.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

Want to make sure your projects are completely thoroughly and on-time? Get in touch with us.

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