David Gouch

(919) 544-0086 x152
Designer & Developer


David grew up in the small town of Buies Creek, North Carolina. He now lives and works remotely from a slightly bigger city: Asheville, NC. A fan of small towns. Getting to see him in person is definitely one of the highlights of our annual office holiday party.

Having been home schooled most of his younger years, David has always been a self-starter and learned to work well with autonomy. To give you an idea of his ambitious nature, at one point he wanted to be the President of the United States. He brought this drive into his professional life as a web designer and developer, being largely self-taught.

In the office

He has been working with DesignHammer since 2006, and remembers that during his interview he met “literally everyone.” He loved the small business atmosphere and the results-oriented mentality. He appreciates being able to assist with each step of a typical project lifecycle. From user testing, to design concepts, to converting designs into working code.

One of David’s favorite projects he ever worked on was for the Durham Bulls website. He still recalls the details of some of the aesthetic needs, technical challenges, and a specific scoreboard widget that needed dozens of baseball cap designs for rival teams.

Out of the office

David is passionate about raising the bar in the industry, not only in technical knowledge but in being forthright and honest in all interactions. He works to stay current by keeping up with technical sources, as well as Reddit (which he admits is an amazing and horrible place).

His first obsession in life was Legos, and he actually built his own X-Wing with S-foils (wings) that folded into attack position – and this was before the official pieces existed. If he was assured that he wouldn’t be a muggle, he’d love to live in the world of Harry Potter. And for whatever it’s worth, he can say the alphabet backwards.

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