Reader's Corner No. 25: Design Terms You’re Getting Wrong, Six Programming Paradigms, Getting Biased User Data, and Writing Proposals

May 01, 2017

We’re sharing with you topics this week that cover both design and development, as well as project management. The topics are: design terms you’re getting wrong, six programming paradigms, getting biased user data, and writing proposals.

15 design terms you're probably getting wrong

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Creative Bloq

Takeaway: "Do you know the difference between the terms "typeface" and "font"? If you've been using them interchangeably then you definitely aren't alone. The Creative Market compiled oft mistaken or misused terms in a helpful infographic."

Tags: #Design, #Typography

Six programming paradigms that will change how you think about coding

Jay Roberts


Takeaway: The title is a bit breathless but there are interesting ideas presented about how languages can approach problems in different ways.

Tags: #Programming

How to Get Biased Data from Your Users

David Gouch


Takeaway: I wish the collection process had to be included and discussed before any “data” could be used to steer decisions. In this case, Khoi points out problems with the selection process for the survey (former staff included) and the length (time commitment biases toward extreme opinions). And that’s just in the design of the survey. There’s also implementation (I’ve seen digital surveys that were coded poorly so the radio options were one column off from their heading). Just as a general rule, we should consider the entire process of data creation rather than just the results.

Tags: #Data, #Science, #Usability

How We Write Proposals in My Design Studio

Frank Yonnetti


I love it when web design firms share their process. It's a good indication if you're doing things correctly, or not, in your own shop. I also agree that spending a lot of time and energy designing a business proposal is a waste. A good typography layout should be all that you need.

Tags: #Business, #WebDesign

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