Reader's Corner No. 24: 12 Questions for Drupal PM's, Being Grumpy at Work, JAVA.UTIL.DATE, and Thinking in Alternatives

April 24, 2017

Part of our team is away at DrupalCon 2017, but we still have some ideas to share from out favorite articles read last week. We're talking about: 12 questions for Drupal project managers, why being grumpy at work may be beneficial, all about JAVA.UTIL.DATE, and how to think in alternatives.

12 Questions that Project Managers Should Ask Before a Drupal Project Kickoff

Amanda Hart

Source: Acquia Developer Center

A list of solid questions and bullet points of items you should make sure to be aware of before your project begins. It is a great starter list that you can tailor to your own projects depending upon specific policies and the scope of the project itself. The list is relevant for non-Drupal projects as well.

Tags: #ProjectManagement, #BestPractices, #Drupal

The Case for being Grumpy at Work

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Quartz Media

Takeaway: "Employers may think a room full of smiling employees is a sign of a productive, successful office. But research shows that forcing workers to appear more pleasant and more cheerful than they actually feel can lead to a whole host of negative consequences—from emotional exhaustion to withdrawal. And women in particular suffer from the expectation that they should constantly demonstrate happiness."

Tags: #WorkPlaceCulture, #Happiness


Jay Roberts

Source: Jon Skeet's coding blog

Takeaway: Date and time handling in software can be complex. This article highlights many of those complexities by looking at Java's original handling of dates and times via the Date class.

Tags: #Java

Think in Alternatives

David Gouch

Source: Scott Nonnenberg

Takeaway: An argument for better solution finding. Rather than seeking the *correct* solution, you should start by determining the tradeoffs inherent to your problem. Then seek solutions that best match with each tradeoff.

Tags: #DecisionMaking

Looking for a better solution for your website? DesignHammer is here to brainstorm with you.

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