Reader's Corner No. 106: Surprising Internet Facts, Fourth Circuit Rulings on Web Accessibility, and Dockerfile Best Practices

July 12, 2019

This week's Reader's Corner contains a collection of articles, ranging from fun to informative. Did you know that the most commonly searched question beginning with "What is" in 2013 was "What is twerking?", that and other fun facts are available for you to read in Madelyn's submission. If you want to veer towards the educational side, there are new rulings on website accessibility that may surprise you. Or, If coding is your M.O. then check out Jay's submission for an intro to Dockerfile.

Surprising Facts About the Internet

Madelyn Yonnetti

Source: Buzzfeed News

Takeaway: There's so much you can do on the internet today, it's hard to know where to start. Check out these surprising facts, such as, that the world wide web's first website is still up, or that you can still go on the Space Jam and You've Got Mail sites. Or, my personal favorite, there is a subreddit where people just post pictures of chicken nuggets that look like other things.

Tags: #Internet, #FunFacts

Fourth Circuit Says Inability To Get Information From Website, Without More, Is Not Enough To Establish Standing To Sue

David Minton

Source: ADA Title III News & Insights

Takeaway: The Fourth Circuit recently dismissed two website accessibility cases for lack of standing, in a precedent that may help businesses in future cases defend against “surf by” lawsuits. While I believe businesses should create and maintain accessible websites, at the same time they shouldn’t need to defend themselves from individuals they have no reason to interact with. In both cases, Griffin v. Dept. of Labor Credit Union, and Carroll v. Northwest Federal Credit Union, the plaintiffs could not legally join the credit unions they were suing. Among other points, the court ruled a plaintiff “must allege an injury that is concrete, particularized, and immediately threatening,” adding “inability to obtain information is sufficiently concrete to constitute injury in fact only when the information has some relevance to the litigant.

Tags: #Accessibility, #InternetLaw

Intro Guide to Dockerfile Best Practices

Jay Roberts

Source: Tibor Vass, Docker Blog

Takeaway: It's easy to get into writing Dockerfiles. It's even easier to miss some key best practices for maintaining security and performance for your containerized apps. Tobor Vass outlines some practical tips, with examples, for improving your Dockerfiles.

Tags: #Docker



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