Reader's Corner No. 107: GitLab Ends Support for MySQL, Apple's iOS 13, and the Popular Russian MobileApp That Might Be Stealing Your Data

July 18, 2019

The tech topics of today's RC include why GitLab has decided to end support for MySQL in 12.1, what to look forward to in Apple's iOS 13 update, and the most recent privacy concerns around a new Russian AI app that's probably stealing your data!

Why we [GitLab] are ending support for MySQL in 12.1

Jay Roberts

Source: GitLab Blog

Takeaway: The long slow industry migration away from MySQL started when Oracle bought Sun in 2009. While MySQL will likely never go away completely, the steady improvement of Postgres continues to make it an attractive candidate for many projects. GitLab outlines the considerations they made when deciding to end support for MySQL in favor of Postgres.

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Apple's iOS 13

Madelyn Yonnetti

Source: Apple

Takeaway: Apple's new iOS update just might be as big and exciting as it was when they released iOS 7 back in 2013. But this time, the changes seem to be more welcomed by the public. We can expect many new and improved additions, such as being able to switch to dark mode, a brand new voice for Siri (hopefully she'll be able to understand us better), and built-in QuickPath Typing! But that's only scratching the surface in regards to what Apple has in store for us this fall. They're even creating this to be more user-friendly for developers, while also introducing new technologies. What are you most looking forward to with this new update?

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Is FaceApp an evil plot by 'the Russians' to steal your data? Not quite

Hunter Kenny

Source: The Guardian

Takeaway: Thanks to the recent "#faceappchallenge" going viral, what was originally knocked off as "paranoia" by large tech firms, the privacy concerns of American citizens continue to prove substantial–to some degree, at least. In this article, Arwa Mahdawi dives into the Russian selfie-editing app to explain what types of personal data users are consenting to be collected when utilizing the mobile app. FaceApp has grown in popularity for its impressive AI recognition software, which allows users to upload photos to view several altered versions of themselves–such as their face as the opposite gender, what they might look like at 85 years old, or even to simply change the color of their hair. She also points out that large corporations have been doing this for at least a decade and therefore "chances are your face is already in a database somewhere, helping to train artificial intelligence take over the world". I am guilty of downloading the app, even after knowing all of the privacy concerns. I mainly consented to this because as an avid social media user for over a decade, my face has probably been stored in numerous databases already... so one more can't hurt, right? That's for the reader/app user to decide.

Relevant pic: Hunter and her husband in 2079 on their 60th anniversary trip to Paris (background edited *poorly for accuracy)

Hunter FaceApp 85

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