Madelyn Yonnetti

Graphic Design


Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Madelyn has been exposed to graphic and web design since she was a little girl. She originally gained her love of art from her father, who instilled in her the importance of creativity and originality. She started to really explore this path in 4th grade while taking an after-school art class, and ever since then she has embraced every opportunity to explore her capabilities. One of her first and favorite jobs was as a floral arranger and designer, and from that time she knew she wanted to pursue a career to express her artistic side. After graduating high school she attended Wake Technical Community College and graduated with an Associates of Arts degree and a certificate in Advertising and Graphic Design.

In the office

Madelyn is creating graphics for social media, banners, posters, and so much more. In addition to that, Madelyn is continuing to learn more about design and progress in front-end code. She is very eager to prove herself and show everyone what she brings to the table as a hard-working person in the office.

Out of the office

Aside from working for DesignHammer, Madelyn has a small side project called Creative Kicks where she paints super-heroes, cartoon characters, historical art, and more on shoes she sells. She has received many challenging requests for shoe designs and has been very successful meeting expectations. When her head isn't buried in her shoes, you can probably find Madelyn planning her next trip out of the country. Thanks to her 6 years of studying and speaking French, she has been able to spend a few months in France allowing her to develop close friends across the globe. She is also a willing volunteer for her religion by teaching others and helping with construction of local congregations. Madelyn’s many adventures and activities have kept her grounded and taught her many important qualities such as patience, how to be a hard worker, and to show love to everyone she comes across.

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