Reader’s Corner No. 80: The End of Google+, Stop Building Websites with Infinite Scroll, and How to Get Things Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

October 25, 2018

We have some interesting topics worth considering in this week’s Reader's Corner! Read about the death of Google+ (how many of you actually used your Plus account anyways?), the persistent and overused infinite scroll feature as a web design choice, and something anybody can relate to–how to get work done when you don’t feel like it.

The End of Google+ After a Data Breach and How it Affects Us

David Minton

Source: Search Engine Watch

Takeaway: While it was delivered with large promises, it seems that Google has decided to take its social media platform Google+ off life support. With recent stats showing seemingly little interaction from consumers, Google announced, in conjunction with that of a serious bug in the Google+ API, that the service would be shut down by mid-2019. While the service bombed in general, there was some acceptance in the enterprise space, so there may be some additional life left–though likely in a different form and even an alternate name for a social media network from the Internet juggernaut.

Tags: #Google, #SocialMedia, #Security

Stop Building Websites with Infinite Scroll!

Jay Roberts

Source: LogRocket

Takeaway: Design anti-patterns often start as a good solution to a problem, become a trend, and then mutate into an overused blight on the internet when designers and developers don't consider the user experience. Infinite scrolling lists fit this category. Fatih Kadir Akin makes a strong case for avoiding them altogether here.

Tags: #Design

How to Get Things Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

Amanda Hart

Source: acmqueue

Takeaway: This article has 5 strategies for getting work done when you are having issues getting started, procrastinating, or maybe just a general rut. I’ve had success with some of these strategies before, and my co-workers also employ similar tactics. Breaking up projects into smaller, bite-sized tasks is one of the most important tactics. 15-20 minute tasks can help get your brain kickstarted and ready to go on some of the larger pieces of the project. Additionally, talking out loud to a coworker about an issue you are facing usually results in you feeling better about the issue AND having a clear path forward. This could be additional smaller tasks to tackle the issue, or maybe a brainstorming session arose and now you know exactly how to handle it and can move forward on a solution.

Tags: #Productivity, #ProblemSolving

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