Reader's Corner No. 79: Voldemorting: The Ultimate SEO Dis, Why the iPhone X is a Whole New Camera, and Visual Studio Code Updates

October 16, 2018

Featuring some interesting developments in tech and communication, in today's RC we touch on the recent and conceptual online terminology of "Voldemorting" and how it relates to SEO, then we take a look at the new iPhone X's photography capabilities, and finally we top everything off with the Visual Studio Code updates for September.

What is Voldemorting? The Ultimate SEO Dis

Hunter Kenny

Source: Wired

Takeaway: This article covers a few of my favorite things, social media, SEO and the progression of modern memeing. "Voldemorting" is a term recently coined by researcher Emily van der Nagel and refers to the phenomenon of hiding a word in plain sight, particularly in online communication. Voldemorting is traced back to the Harry Potter series where the antagonist character is revealed to have been attending the school of Hogwarts as a student in the 1920's under the name of Tom Marvelo Riddle, and as he later transitions from prestigious and talented student of wizardry to a practicer of dark arts, and ultimately becomes the Dark Lord himself. In the series it is revealed (spoiler alert) that "I am Lord Voldemort" had been an anagram of Tom Marvelo Riddle the entire time. This plays nicely into Van der Nagel's concept of hiding a name in plain sight. In relation to social media and online communication, Voldemorting is a way to speak about a specific person, generally a famous or political figure indirectly (think "Cheeto"), without drawing unwanted attention from the social media vultures who are constantly plugging said figure's names into search algorithms, ready to jump to the defense of that person. This process is also a neat way to avoid SEO tactics, at least until certain marketing companies catch onto these words and adjust their search algorithms accordingly.

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iPhone XS: Why It’s a Whole New Camera

David Gouch

Source: – Halide

Takeaway: Mobile photography is a field where today’s state of the art is drastically different from ten years ago. It’s probably a good time to update your model of what happens when you press the shutter, and this article does a great job of explaining things. One example I find fascinating is that pressing the shutter today doesn’t really “take a picture” anymore. Instead it’s more like you indicate to your phone that you’re ready for it to start a complex process where it merges and builds a single photo out of hundreds. Oh, and it went ahead and started taking those pictures before you even pressed the button.

Tags: #Photography, #Apple

Visual Studio Code Updates September 2018

Jay Roberts

Source: Visual Studio Code Blog

Takeaway: We use a variety of text editors for our day-to-day work at DesignHammer. Having an ecosystem of fast, reliable, and flexible editors makes it much easier to do our jobs. The VS Code team continues to develop new functionality while continuing to polish existing features and cleaning up technical debt. This pushes the whole text editor space forward which helps everyone.

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