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Amanda is one of those people who honestly could have gone into any field and become highly proficient. Growing up her main interests included music, art, Latin, ancient history, programming and gaming. In college she continued to pursue several of these areas, graduating with a dual BA degree in Classical Studies and Text & Image Arts.

While studying and then while working as a graphic designer she continued to pursue her interest in computers. In 2007 she co-created a virtual pet website, where she was the sole developer for several years. This gave her a lot of experience with both web development and project management, but she found herself wanting to work on a variety of projects with different clients, and to have various deadlines.

In the office

After a lot of searching, she found DesignHammer and it offered the workload and environment she was looking for. Amanda has enjoyed branching out with Drupal and WordPress, as well as continuing to write custom PHP code. Her favorite days at work are those where she has some heads down time, dedicated and focused on a specific task.

Amanda has improved the office with her fastidious nature. One project she has spearheaded in our office is the internal documentation that we use. This helps us to track processes we use often, as well as other tips and tricks. Her tasks include developing new features for client websites, doing maintenance, fixing bugs, helping with writing specs, and some project management - whether in part or in entirety.

Out of the office

When Amanda isn't working, she will most likely be found playing video games, mobile games, cross-stitching, or practicing cello.

Amanda has a self-proclaimed collector mentality. To name a few, she collects books, t-shirts, and vinyl collectibles. She loves to read science fiction and fantasy, which actually lead to another interesting collection of hers: names. Since she was a kid, she would write down every name she read in books on scrap of paper or in notebooks. The hope is to one day make a database of the thousands of names.

Certifications & Affiliations

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