Reader's Corner No. 81: Responding to Social Fury, Don't Make Squirrel Burgers, and Interactive Episodes of Black Mirror

November 1, 2018

We're showcasing some really fun topics in this week's edition of Reader's Corner! Hear what the American Marketing Association has to say about responding to social fury, learn what squirrel burgers are and why you shouldn't be making them, and lastly an interactive episode of Black Mirror? Now that sound's terrifying!

The Best Way to Respond to Social Fury Is Still up for Debate

David Minton

Source: American Marketing Association

Takeaway: Social media doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Fortune 500 or “mom and pop,” there is a good chance your organization will experience a social media crisis sooner or later. And, even if you don’t employ social media marketing, you need to be ready when the crisis hits. How you respond is open to interpretation, though ignoring it and hoping it goes away is probably not the best choice. In the latest installment of the AMA’s Marketing News, Hal Conick review some of the latest academic research into social anger, and how businesses have responded with varying degrees of success.

Tags: #Social Media, #Marketing

Don’t Make Squirrel Burgers

Jay Roberts

Source: Lee Waterman

Takeaway: We encounter this situation all the time, both for client work and internal projects. It is up to both project stakeholders and developers to push for real estimates and negotiate features rather than quality.

Tags: #ProjectManagement, #Estimating, #Business

An Interactive Episode of Black Mirror? Now That Sounds Terrifying

Hunter Kenny

Source: The Guardian

Takeaway: This article features two of my favorite things, Netflix and real-world adventure! Two currently mutually exclusive activities are now rumored to be possible in the near future. Bloomberg has reported that Netflix will be experimenting with a "choose your own adventure" type narrative in some of their Netflix Originals, and what better program to showcase this new interactive feature with than Black Mirror? If you haven't seen Black Mirror, then it's important to note the popular sci-fi series' motif of every episode considers the unintentional consequences of technology in the near future; which is exactly why this new meta business development by Netflix is as exciting as it is brilliant!

Tags: #Netflix, #Technology, #Marketing

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