Reader's Corner No. 68: Ubisoft's Spotlight on Accessibility, X to Close, and 7 Elements of Good UX in 2018

July 31, 2018

How easy was it to find our blog on our website? What about our team section? Our designers and developers are constantly scrutinizing potential UI/UX concepts, especially as we redesign our website. So it's only appropriate for this week's RC theme to cover trends & news in the world of UI design! Find out how Ubisoft is approaching accessibility, the origins of UI design's historical use of [x] to close a window, and 7 elements of good UX in 2018.

How Ubisoft is Putting the Spotlight on Accessibility

David Gouch

Source: Ubisoft News

Takeaway: This is an interview at Ubisoft about accessibility in video games, but the issues brought up apply to all screen-based media. One topic that caught my eye was something that’s a challenge in all UI design: How do you present useful options or configurable settings to users in a way that’s discoverable, without becoming overwhelming. In the interview, accessibility consultant Ian Hamilton says “That’s the worst kind of situation to be in: to have done the work, and the people who would benefit from it not knowing it’s there.”

Tags: #UI, #Gaming

X to Close

Jay Roberts

Source: re:form

Takeaway: Lauren Archer takes us on an interesting walk through some landmark UI designs to find the first instance of using an X to close a window. Few things in design are universal across all time. Part of the designer's job is to blend new elements with old ones in a way that achieves the goals for the design.

Tags: #UI

7 Elements of Good UX in 2018

Frank Yonnetti

Source: Webdesigner Depot

Takeaway: An interesting take on web and app design when creating for current and future technologies. Targeted as a "thinking forward" write up, but doesn't dismiss the main goal for every designer. Content first and simplicity for easy use.

Tags: #Design, #UI, #UX

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