Reader's Corner No. 67: Humans and AI are Joining Forces, A First Look at Vue UI, and Google Tag Manager for structured data

July 23, 2018

What tech trends can the team teach us today? I'm glad you asked! The DesignHammer team is back at it again and ready to share their finds of the week. Today we are covering how artificial intelligence is benefiting the business world, updates on the Vue CLI release, and why you shouldn't rely on Google Tag Manager for structured data.

Collaborative Intelligence: Humans and AI are Joining Forces

Stephen Pashby

Source: Harvard Business Review

Takeaway: AI and machine learning are already changing human jobs in business. Smart businesses are exploring different ways to help machines do what they are best at (e.g data analysis, etc.) to free humans up for what machines cannot do (e.g. leadership, creativity, etc.).

Tags: #AI, #MachineLearning

Vue UI: A First Look

Frank Yonnetti

Source: Vue.JS News

Takeaway: When Vue CLI 3 is released it'll come with a new UI that you can run in your web browser. Not that running the Vue commands are difficult, but providing a UI for a CLI always intrigues me. Love seeing the conversion of standard command line operations into an understandable and thought-out UI.

Tags: #Vue, #UI, #JavaScript

Google: Don’t Rely on Google Tag Manager for Structured Data

David Minton

Source: TheSEMPost

Takeaway: From the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” department: Although some have had a variety of success implementing structured data via Google Tag Manager, it seems at least one Google staff member is warning users that this is not a reliable method. The question seems to have arisen since schema added to a page with Google Tag Manager (rather than placed directly on the page), is not recognized by Google Structured Data Testing Tool. While the problem could be a limitation of the testing tool, is it worth taking that chance?

Tags: #Google, #StructuredData

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