Reader's Corner No.8: Avoiding Project Disasters, Death of Curly Quotes, Resolutions, Performance Budgets, and Modular Design.

January 2, 2017

Members of the DesignHammer team share interesting reads, with a wide variety of topics. This week includes: avoiding project disasters, death of curly quotes, resolutions, performance budgets, and modular design.

Kill the White Knight

Michael Nicholson

Source: eCameron, Inc. blog

Takeaway: Many companies today operate under a culture of ‘it’s ok until it’s time to panic.’ This creates an environment where projects slip from ‘in good shape’ to ‘a bit behind’ to ‘disaster’ only to have the ‘fix-it’ team come in to save the day. A better corporate environment is to recognize and encourage the teams that are able to avoid the need for the White Knight/fix-it team by constantly maintaining focus on the status of the project and making corrections as necessary before the project is out control. The current trend of many companies to place high value and esteem on the ‘White Knights’ detracts from the value that should be placed on the project managers and teams that don’t need them.

Tags: #Project Management

Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?

Amanda Hart

Source: The Atlantic

Takeaway: A well-articulated article about the history of quotation marks and their evolution from curly to straight in our modern, digital age. The author is strictly in the curly quotes fan club, but that does not take away from his discussion about how and why their prevalence has changed over time. Personally, I'm a fan of the straight "dagger-in-[your]-eye" quotation marks. :) Which do you prefer?

Tags: #typography, #quotation-marks, #smart-quotes

RFC: Webpack Performance Budgets

David Gouch

Source: Addy Osmani

Takeaway: A well written proposal for introducing a file size budget feature to a popular JS packing tool. Adding external tools takes a few seconds during development, but the consequences for the end user of that additional blob of JS often isn't accounted for.

Tags: #javascript, #performance

17 Design Resolutions for 2017

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Medium

Takeaway: With the new year here, I have been thinking about resolutions and ways that I can improve as a designer. While the 17 items on the list were all great, I wanted to focus on just one: learn from others. I thought the author said it perfectly, “I want to maintain an open mind, keep my cool, and always ask questions.” What a fantastic mantra to live by. I can only imagine how much better off one could be in both their relationships with colleagues and clients, and in their personal development.

Tags: #professional development

Learning from Lego: A Step Forward in Modular Web Design

David Minton

Source: A List Apart

Takeaway: Bring the simplicity and consistency of Lego bricks to modular web layout via CSS. Follow step-by-step code examples to implement an approach that enforces consistency and streamlines global space tweaks while streamlining and reducing the amount of CSS code.

Tags: #UI, #UX, #CSS, #Design

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