December 19, 2016

In a constantly changing field, it is important to stay on top of industry standards. DesignHammer team members share some insights and take aways this week on project management fundamentals, accessibility law, data-driven SEO fixes, and getting past the planning stage.

6 Reasons Home Alone’s Kevin McAllister is a Project Management Genius

Michael Nicholson

Source: Write Project Management Blog

Takeaway: Kevin McAllister from Home Alone demonstrates six fundamental concepts for project management; extensive planning, calm rather than panicked reaction to events, keeping actions simple, maintaining awareness of opportunities, having fun, and leveraging his support resources. By keeping this in mind, a Project Manager is better able to deliver successful projects and maintain a successful team.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

A Cautionary Tale: DOJ Intervenes in Another Web Accessibility Lawsuit

David Minton

Source: ADA Title III

Takeaway: A few things to think about concerning Website Accessibility; it should already be considered a requirement, in addition to real customers there are probably trolls out there, and ignore it at your own peril. In this case, the DOJ has taken interest in a case against Winn Dixie in Florida. The defendant claims ADA Title III does not apply to websites, despite case law to the contrary. Also, the plaintiff’s attorney has filed 43% of the 244 federal website accessibility cases filed this year. Maybe the attorney specializes in helping the underdog, or is just the tip of an ambulance chasing tidal wave looking to cash in.

Tags: #Accessibility, #Internet law

How to use data to justify SEO fixes

Stephen Pashby

Source: Search Enginge Watch

Takeaway: Quantifying specific outcomes of SEO improvements is not trivial, but critical to making the business case for SEO. The article provides a step-by-step plan (with excel templates) for gathering and interpreting SERP positions and how to make educated guesses about the SERP position change (and associated traffic impact) of proposed SEO changes.

Tags: #SEO, #Strategy, #metrics, #psychology

You're Design Thinking Too Much

David Gouch

Source: Zurb Blog

Takeaway: A call to stop spending so much time in the planning/thinking stage. Trying to "thoroughly" consider all options or ideas has diminishing returns. Instead of spending additional hours with abstract questions, replace it with time spent trying things out.

Tags: #planning

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