Reader's Corner No.18: iPhone VoiceOver, ACCURATE Information, Instacart’s Staging Environment, File Naming Tips, and Adobe Illustrator Turns 30

March 13, 2017

We have a wide variety of topics this week to share, including: the iPhone VoiceOver feature, the importance of ACCURATE information, Instacart’s physical staging environment, file naming tips, and celebrating Adobe Illustrator turning 30.

The little-known iPhone feature that lets blind people see with their fingers

David Gouch

Source: Yahoo Finance

Takeaway: An overview of the accessibility features on iPhone for the visually impaired. To me, these features don’t get a lot of exposure, but they’re always so fascinating to learn about.

Tags: #Accessibility

President Trump and The Need for Accurate Information

Michael Nicholson

Source: How to Manage a Camel Blog

Takeaway: One key obligation of Project Managers is to disseminate ACCURATE information; this is also an obligation of governmental agencies (one that the Trump whitehouse is not consistently succeeding at).

ACCURATE communication includes the following eight pieces: Available, Complete, Concise, Understandable, Relevant, Auditable, Timely, and Explainable information is necessary to run a successful project, including (for instance) running the country.

While a Project Manager cannot necessarily create the culture that includes ACCURATE information, they can (and must) reinforce the behavior and strive to provide ACCURATE information themselves in their communications with stakeholders, team members, and leadership.

Tags: #ProjectManagement, #CorporateCulture

The Garden: Instacart’s Physical Staging Environment

Jay Roberts

Source: Instacart's Tech Blog

Takeaway: Staging environments provide a lot more value beyond technology smoke testing.

Tags: #Technology

Getting Organized: Great Tips for Better File Names

Jeanette Larsen

Source: PC Magazaine

Takeaway: This article gives the following five items to consider when deciding how to structure your file naming system:

  1. The file-naming convention that your business uses needs to be understood by everyone in the organization.
  2. File-naming conventions should help people find information quickly by scanning names or by looking for dates or other signifiers in the name.
  3. Files that are "naturally-ordered" are easier to scan and sort.
  4. Be consistent with naming conventions.
  5. Avoid a huge overhaul project by simply archiving older data by year.

Tags: #NamingConventions, #Organized

Adobe Illustrator is 30 years old

David Minton

Source: Boing Boing

Takeaway: A trip down memory lane for those of us who began in graphic design before Adobe Illustrator, and lived through its constant evolution since 1987. I cringe thinking back at the times of mechanical paste-ups on non-repro blue boards with X-ACTO knives and wax. Happy Birthday Adobe Illustrator. You don’t look a day over twenty-nine.

Tags: #Tools, #Design

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