Reader's Corner No.19: Managing Assets, Scheduling Mistakes, Visualizing Garbage Collection Algorithms, Internet map in 1973, and Craft Beer Branding

March 20, 2017

We are excited about Spring in the office, but still managing to get work done somehow. This week we're sharing about managing your physical and digital assets, common scheduling mistakes, visualizing garbage collection algorithms, an Internet map from 1973, and a craft beer branding guide.

Will Essentials: What happens to your tangible and digital “stuff” when you die?

Jeanette Larsen

Source: Family Search Media

Takeaway: "Rather than leaving these important items to chance, specifying exactly who you want to have them—or even possibly distributing them to family and friends before your death—can eliminate problems down the road."

Tags: #Wills, #DigitalAssets

5 Common Scheduling Mistakes (And What To Do Instead)

Michael Nicholson

Source: A Girl's Guide to Project Management Blog

Takeaway: "The article lists five common mistakes that Project Managers make when scheduling, and advice for better behaviors. The five common mistakes are listed below:

  • Not Having Enough Milestones
  • Not Considering Resource Availability
  • Not Using Baselines
  • Not Keeping it Current
  • Not Scheduling Together.

The article also discussed proposed behavioral changes to avoid these mistakes; these are:

  • Using enough milestones to keep progress monitoring in reasonable chunks
  • Making sure to account for known resource availability issues (and having a plan for unexpected resource availability issues)
  • Using baselines on every project to compare as time goes on
  • Regularly updating your project schedule to reflect changes that have happened
  • Creating your schedule with input from the resources you need

Following these suggestions helps create and maintain a sane project schedule."

Tags: #ProjectManagement

Visualizing Garbage Collection Algorithms

Jay Roberts

Source: Atomic Object Blog

Takeaway: Manual memory management techniques are rarely required in the type of development we encounter day-to-day. However, understanding how memory is used in our applications is still a primary concern. This post provides interesting visualizations of a variety of memory management systems which can be helpful when considering the implications of different approaches.

Tags: #Programming, #Memory

Found: A Map of the Entire Internet, As of 1973

David Minton

Source: Atlas Obscura

Takeaway: From desktop computer, through wearables and toasters as part of the Internet of things (IoT), the ubiquitous network spans every continent of the globe. What we take for granted today to put all the world’s knowledge at our literal fingertips could be drawn on a napkin forty to fifty years ago. Atlas Obscura published some classic maps of the Internet from the 1960's and 1970's remind us how far we have come in a single lifetime.

Tags: #Internet, #News

Craft Beer Branding Guide

Frank Yonnetti

Source: UnderConsideration / Brand New

Takeaway: This is a well designed and fun to read online guide for branding your brewery. Even though I love craft beers, I have no intention on starting a brewery. But what fascinates me about this guide is not how cool the design is, but how it's one of the most clever sales pitches I've seen.

Tags: #Microbrewing, #Branding, #Design, #Sales

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