Reader's Corner No.14: Visual Attraction, Facebook Page Insights, Weekend Programming Languages, Pull Request Mistakes, What Stops Correct Decisions, and Legal Immunity

February 13, 2017

Each DesignHammer team member tries to make time daily to stay on top of the news and trends in our field. Here are this week’s highlights: visual attraction, Facebook page insights, weekend programming languages, pull request mistakes, what stops correct decisions, and legal immunity.

UI Design - Visual Attraction

Frank Yonnetti

Source: Prototypr

Takeaway: This article is a 3 min read that brings out why design is important when it comes to a user's first impression. And not only that, if they find it aesthetically pleasing, they'll be more willing to spend time and use the UI instead of leaving to find something better. The key elements at the end are spot on and worth applying to all UI projects.

Tags: #Design, #UI

Advanced Facebook Page Insights: An Analysis Guide for Marketers

Stephen Pashby

Source: Social Media Examiner

Takeaway: Facebook provides a lot of metrics, if you know where to look. Use them usefully for your organization, you will likely need to think about your organizational goals and do a bit of Excel manipulation.

Tags: #Facebook, #SocialMedia, #Metrics

What Programming Languages Are Used Most on Weekends?

Jay Roberts

Source: Stack Overflow Blog

Takeaway: Some of the most popular languages (and many that we use every day here at DesignHammer) are used as commonly on weekends as they are during the week.

Tags: #Programming

Top ten pull request review mistakes

Amanda Hart

Source: Scott Nonnenberg

Takeaway: Ten excellent points about performing a thorough and efficient pull request review that is also relevant for code reviews in general (not just on GitHub/BitBucket/etc). It is extremely easy to become complacent when you have been working with a team of developers for a period of time and learn their code style and have confidence in their experience and ability. Spend the actual time needed for the code review so that you've truly tested the changes, thought about them from the point of view of the larger project, and given the developer feedback on how their approach has successfully (or not) implemented the original request.

Tags: #pull-requests, #code-review

Internet firms’ legal immunity is under threat

David Minton

Source: The Economist

Takeaway: In the early days of the Internet, online firms were in constant fear of lawsuits related to user contributed content. Congress took note, and since 1996 online firms have benefitted greatly for the protection offered by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which immunized online firms for torts committed through their services. The European Union followed suite with similar regulations in 2000. Many of those fledgling startups, as well as firms that hadn’t yet been founded, are now behemoths of the economy, and regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are considering rolling back some of the legal protections.

Tags: #InternetLaw

3 Things That Stop You Making the Right Decision

Michael Nicholson

Source: A Girl's Guide to Project Management

Takeaway: Biases can inhibit your ability to make the correct decisions. The article discusses three specific categories of bias: regret (a bias from previous decisions which inhibits future decision making), regression to mean (a bias that happens in real time and inhibits present decisions making), and the illusion of control (another real time bias). By being aware of the biases, you can work to reduce their impact on your decision making process.

Tags: #ProjectManagement #DecisionMaking

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