Reader's Corner No. 87: Gutenberg and the Future of Wordpress, RAID in Project Management, and the Shadow DOM

December 14, 2018

We've got some last minute articles for you to take a look at to finish off the work week! Find out what changes the Gutenberg editor will be bringing to Wordpress in the future, see this acronym designed to simplify some basic concepts within the context of project management, and learn what the Shadow DOM is (hint: it stands for Document Object Model).

What Does Gutenberg Bring to the Future of Wordpress?

Allen Freeman

Source: Smashing Magazine

Takeaway: The shift to React-driven component displays brings new options (and a lot of additional complexity) to the table.

Tags: #Wordpress, #Gutenberg

RAID in Project Management

Michael Nicholson

Source: A Girl's Guide to Project Management

Takeaway:The acronym RAID (within the context of Project Management) stands for Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies. It's a construct to help layout items to track for project management. In addition to the common practice of keeping a RAID log (via paper, spreadsheet, or project management tool), the author discusses two other interpretations of the 'A' and 'D' from RAID; Actions and Decisions. With this additional context and the author's additional experience, her total process is RAID-ADCC, or Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies - Actions, Decisions, Constraints, Changes.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

What is the Shadow DOM?

Jay Roberts

Source: bitsofcode

Takeaway: Ire Aderinokun provides a concise overview of what the shadow DOM is and what problem it attempts to solve with code samples. Note that, while related, the shadow DOM functionality described here is not the same as the virtual DOM implementation used by tools like Vue.js to speed up component rendering.

Tags: #Programming, #Javascript, #DOM, #Browsers

Last developer leave behind some tricky code for you to decipher? Let us take a look.

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