Reader's Corner No 88: Modernizing Web Playback UI, Japan Ends 50-Year Pager Service, and Idiots with Drones Shut Down UK Airport

We've got some really interesting articles to share with our reader's for our second-to-last Reader's Corner of the year! Read about Netflix's process behind modernizing their web playback UI, why Japan is finally ending their 50-year pager service, and how idiots with drones managed to shut down the UK's second largest airport.

Modernizing the Web Playback UI

Jay Roberts

Source: Netflix Technology Blog


Takeaway: Netflix spent a significant amount of time rebuilding their playback UI using React but failed to improve their usage metrics. They went back to the drawing board and focused on performance. Careful testing and a willingness to rethink a failed approach allowed them to ship an improved playback experience.

Tags: #React, #Programming, #Performance

Turning the Page: Japan's Last Pager Service Ends After 50 Years

David Minton

Source: Yahoo News

Takeaway:When it comes to technology, all good things, even ubiquitous ones, seem to eventually come to an end. In this case, it is the once mighty, but now lowly pager. With over 10 million subscribers at its peak in the 1990s, after over fifty years, the last service provider is down to around 1,500 customers. Left behind by smart, or even dumb phones, the last holdouts in Japan have until September of 2019 to find another way to receive text messages.

Tags: #Technology, #Kitchensink

Idiots With Drones Have Shut Down the UK's Second Largest Airport

Hunter Kenny

Source: The Verge


Takeaway: A fun, light read for any overly-ambitious drone pilots who are interested in learning why curiosity can sometimes lead to imprisonment.

Tags: #Technology, #Law

Got any cool tech stories to round out the 2018 year? Share them with us here.

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