Reader's Corner No. 33: Helvetica's 60th Anniversary, Google's AMP, Foolproof Project Plan, and Photoshop Shadow Tutorial

June 26, 2017

Helvetica is celebrating it's 60th anniversary! In addition to this exciting news, we are sharing this week about Google's AMP, foolproof project plans, and a Photoshop shadow tutorial.

60th Anniversary Helvetica Typeface

David Minton

Source: 60th Anniversary Helvetica Typeface

Takeaway: This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of Helvetica, the ubiquitous typeface created by Swiss designer Max Miedinger with input from Eduard Hoffmann. The neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface was originally designed for signage, it can now be found everywhere. In honor of the anniversary, twenty design studios each contributed a poster to celebrate Helvetica. While the site suffers from usability issue (click on one of the large twenty capital letters to see the posters) the diversity of entries display a wide range of styles and interpretations. (Thanks to Jay Anthony, my university graphic design professor, for pointing me to the site).

Tags: #Design, #Typography

I decided to disable AMP on my site

Jay Roberts

Source: Alex Kras

Takeaway: There are real problems with Google's AMP implementation which are not always apparent when adding support for it to your website. Adding any third party technology to your site's infrastructure should be done with careful consideration of the impact it will have on your site and your users.

Tags: #AMP

Project Management Basics: 6 Steps to a Foolproof Project Plan

Michael Nicholson

Source: Wrike Blog

Takeaway: Six steps are identified to create an effective project plan; these steps are:

  1. Identify and meet with stakeholders
  2. Set and prioritize goals
  3. Define deliverables
  4. Create the project schedule
  5. Identify issues and complete a risk assessment
  6. Present the project plan to the stakeholders

Tags: #ProjectManagement

Photoshop Tip: Use Layers to Create Super Realistic Shadows

Jeanette Larsen

Source: CreativeLive Blog

Takeaway: A fantastic, live tutorial showing how to make realistic shadows in Photoshop. The author takes into account depth, shape, and density. Spoiler alert: use lots and lots of layers.

Tags: #Photoshop, #Shadows

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