Reader's Corner No. 108: The Tesla Bug Bounty Program, CGI Animation, and Demystifying Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes

July 25, 2019

Today the topics of discussion cover how one cybersecurity researcher earned $10,000 through the "Tesla Bug Bounty Program" by hacking the Tesla Model 3's computer system, as well as a neat guide on the evolution of animation from cel sheets to modern-day CGI, and finally, a comprehensive explanation of the Docker and Kubernetes container-management platforms.

Cracking my windshield and earning $10,000 on the Tesla Bug Bounty Program

Amanda Hart

Source: Sam Curry's Personal Blog

Takeaway: Terrific look into how a web application security researcher thinks about and actively tries to break his IoT device: a new Tesla Model 3. By setting his car's name to an XSS hunter payload, he was able to get live information about his car and the capabilities of support agents when an agent connected to his car for a legitimate support request (cracked windshield). He didn't actively abuse the exploit, and instead reported it to Tesla's bug bounty system, netting him a sweet $10k (it was hotfixed the day he reported, so good on Tesla for that :)).

Tags: #XSS, #Exploits, #IoT, #InternetOfThings

What Is CGI Animation?

Madelyn Yonnetti

Source: Make Use Of

Takeaway: This article briefly takes you through the history of CGI, such as, intriguing videos about how those at Disney used to draw animation all by hand, or side by side comparisons of how the digital makeover of Star Wars was done to increase detail and realism. You will also see how the original GIF was just a precursor to what digital artists could accomplish nowadays.

Tags: #CGI, #Animation

Demystifying containers, Docker, and Kubernetes

Jay Roberts

Source: Microsoft Open Source Blog

Takeaway: This is a concise, high-level overview of Docker and Kubernetes and what roles they fill in the modern application deployment stack. If you've been hearing about these but don't know what they are precisely this is a good first look.

Tags: #Docker, #Containers

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