Tiffany Cissel



Tiffany has been interested in development and design since building her first websites on and (both web publishing platforms) in the 1990s. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Non-Profit Studies, but she has always gravitated towards more technical interests. As she continued to jump towards each development, design and programming-related task (including Excel functions) in her nonprofit admin position, she finally realized that her true calling was in Web and Software Development. After taking the plunge to leave the nonprofit sector to go back to school for Web Development, she’s thrilled to begin on her new career path with DesignHammer.

In the office

As the newest member of the DesignHammer Development Team, Tiffany is honing in on her full-stack skills by taking on a variety of development projects and is an eager and dedicated member of the team. Her favorite part of the job is the satisfaction she feels after finally completing a client task and being able to celebrate a job well done (even if only with a slow exhale). You may also hear her making the occasional, eye-rolling pun around the office—consider yourself warned.

Out of the office

In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys cooking, amateur genealogy and exploring hidden gems (points-of-interest) in and around her hometown. She also enjoys traveling and when not actually doing so, she enjoys making travel plans. She’s also a bit of a geography nerd (show her a flag and she’ll tell you what country it belongs to).

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