Dave Shepley

Development Strategist


Born in Nottingham, England, Dave’s family relocated to central Indiana as a child. As an undergraduate at Indiana University - Bloomington, Dave spent 4 years working in Athletics Communications. During his 5th year, he landed a full-time job as a Public Relations & New Business Specialist at one of the state’s fastest-growing and most innovative full-service agencies.

Dave moved to North Carolina in the early 2000s after attending a UNC football game in college. The blue skies and proximity to both the coast and the mountains were enough to easily seal the move to the Triangle. For 8 years, Dave worked for a national non-profit leading and mentoring fraternity and sorority students at UNC, and also directed 1 national and 2 regional leadership conferences. After spending the next 8-years working in live sports production, the desire to work with local innovative companies and invest further in the Triangle ecosystem came calling.

In the office

Dave wears several hats at DesignHammer. As a Project Manager, managing multiple projects and helping them finish on-time, on-budget, and exceeding expectations. As Development Strategist, Dave works with the sales and marketing teams to find new ways to grow DesignHammer’s local exposure, thought leadership and client base. A passionate believer in ‘client for life’, he works with Account Managers to discover new business potential by networking into the current client base.

Out of the office

With a young son under the age of one, who is crawling and learning to walk, Dave’s life has changed dramatically in 2019. An ardent pro-Durham resident, when not chasing him around or catching up on sleep Dave likes to enjoy one of its many top-notch dining establishments, watch (mostly) Premier League football, catch up on the latest spy, government or legal thriller (book, TV and movie), and take long walks around his Forest Hills neighborhood. He also likes to spend time with family in Salt Lake City and catching up with his adventurous parents - who live in their motorhome full-time and travel the country.

Certifications & Affiliations

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