In the Office

As an Account Manager, Hunter ensures that our technologies and online solutions continue to align with the strategic goals of our clients as their business needs evolve. Helping clients strengthen their web presence and finding more effective ways to target and better resonate with their desired audience(s) is one of her specialties and she collaborates closely across teams to formulate and assist in the execution of these strategies. She argues that there is nothing more professionally fulfilling than watching a digital marketing strategy come to fruition.

As a Marketing Consultant, she takes advantage of the latest analytics platforms to guide clients into making appropriate, data-driven decisions regarding the restructuring of content on their new and future business website(s). Google Analytics certified, she has a variety of mediums at her disposal to measure performance against predefined targets, which are then used to steer future engagements.

Hunter also manages communications through the DesignHammer website, blog, social media, and email newsletter. Best motivated by being told that “something cannot be done”, Hunter always looks forward to tackling the variety of unique challenges faced by both DesignHammer and clients head-on.

Professional Background

Valuing both communication and good showmanship, Hunter graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from North Carolina State University. To satiate both her creative and cultural interests, she also earned two Minor degrees; one in German and the other in Art & Design.

Throughout college, Hunter kept up with the latest social trends by working as Lead Brand Ambassador for the largest electronic music events conglomerate in the United States. In this position, she had the opportunity to guide a large team of student representatives throughout the Research Triangle as they tackled strategic social media and guerrilla marketing campaigns for various events.

Post-graduation Hunter directed her marketing knowledge towards building a non-profit apparel company dedicated to raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Prior to joining the DesignHammer team, Hunter worked at an educational technology company and specialized in overseeing customer success for all international accounts.

Out of the Office

Although she has lived in Raleigh her entire life, Hunter considers herself to be a cultural connoisseur. She is a citizen of the United States, Canada, and New Zealand and has been traveling around the world since early childhood; passionate about absorbing information about all people, places, and things.

Away from her desk, Hunter enjoys exploring the world and meeting new people. With her husband and three dogs, she continues to roam around and seek out new adventures around the city. If Hunter is not at a local music event or a new restaurant in town, she is likely binge-watching the latest Netflix series and assuming the role of amateur film critic. Competitive and playful by nature, Hunter also stays entertained by playing video games, board games, and even friendly, pick-up soccer matches.

Speaking Experience

  • NCTech4Good Conference (Durham, NC)

Hunter's Blog Posts

February 12

When developing your brand strategy, the color of your logo should not be taken lightly. Every color triggers a unique emotional effect in our subconscious mind, so it is important to make sure the connotations behind the colors in your brand style guide correlate with the message you are trying to convey to your customers.

October 6

DesignHammer and Ablr, an accessibility and inclusion company, participated in a well-attended panel during the recent Virtual UX Y'all Conference where they freely discussed concepts related to accessible web design and accessibility issues faced by the visual and hearing impaired today.

September 8

Thanks to the hard work of our team this past year and stellar reviews from our clients, DesignHammer has once again been recognized with an esteemed Clutch Leaders Award, listing us as the 2nd best digital agency in all of North Carolina for 2021.

June 30

In honor of DesignHammer’s 20th Anniversary, we thought it would be neat to ask the DesignHammer team what they thought the DesignHammer logo represented.

Hunter's Projects

Railinc needed a creative web solution to help their newly rebranded commercial arm, "TransmetriQ", effectively convey their unique product value propositions to their target commercial audiences. DesignHammer built Railinc a Drupal 9 website with a custom theme to support TransmetriQ's new brand identity.

Member event demands left NetOne's web communications team without the capacity to consistently publish their monthly newsletter. NetOne expressed an interest in increasing the frequency of their member engagement activities and asked DesignHammer to assist with a revamp of their email and print campaigns.
Railinc approached DesignHammer after their initial assessment project to develop a new Drupal website that provided a high-level user experience, which included clear calls to action, and consistent taxonomy for products, resources, and blog content to easily expose related content to users.
Railinc sought out DesignHammer to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their existing website ahead of a planned redesign. This entailed detailed reporting on quantitative and qualitative information, metrics, audience behavior, and other data in order to formulate recommendations for the new site.