Reader's Corner No.1: Accessibility, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, and more

The Internet is constantly evolving; the only way to stay current is to keep learning. DesignHammer team members share takeaways and useful resources from readings they've done this week. This week we are reading about website accessibility and Internet law, project management, date driven testing and continuous improvement, optimizing code, and internet protocols.

Federal Website Lawsuits Spike; Community Banks Get Demand Letters

David Minton

Source: ADA Title III News & Insights

Takeaway: If fear of Department of Justice prosecution isn’t enough to motivate, a new industry built around civil website accessibility lawsuits seems to be emerging. Around 250 federal suits have been filed so far in 2016. Retailers, restaurant and hospitality companies seemed the current targets.

Tags: #Accessibility, #Internet law

3 Biggest Mistakes a Website Development Project Manager Can Make

Michael Nicholson

Source: Ironistic

Takeaway: Three significant mistakes that can be made at the project management level are design by committee, showing the client bad ideas, and waiting too long to organize and prepare content. Avoiding these mistakes allows for better choices to be made in the planning and design phases, and reduces time spent inefficiently waiting for content generation.

Tags: #Project Management

You Can Never Have a Custom Z Buffer Distribution and Early Z at the Same Time

Jay Roberts

Source: The Hacks of Life (X-Plane Developer Blog)

Takeaway: In programming, deep knowledge of the tools you use can open up a wide variety of techniques to optimize your code. However, even in cases where the technology is incredibly advanced, not every technique is a good fit for your problem. The reality is, you have to make decisions and manage tradeoffs. You can’t make a good decision without truly understanding your particular use case.

Tags: #Programming #Optimization

IP over Burrito Carriers (draft-lohsen-ip-burrito-00)

Amanda Hart

Source: IETF Tools

Takeaway: A long week such as this needs a little humor. This RFC (Request for Comments) document describes an experimental method for using burritos as carriers for data packets in order to decrease the rift between sit-down dining patrons who are able to partake of free restaurant wifi, and take-out or delivery patrons who are unable to do so. The Packet Format section is particularly amusing, with guacamole’s chunkiness indicating the protocol and the data itself transmitted by beef chunks separated by slices of chicken (16 bytes of data storage per burrito packet!). Unfortunately, this deliciously novel approach was not adopted as it was intended to be April Fools’ Day humor, but it is still a greatly entertaining read. :)

Tags: #Humor, #Burritos, #Internet-protocol

Why Building a Culture of Optimization Improves the Customer Experience

Stephen Pashby

Source: Google Analytics Solutions

Takeaway: Organizations that are focused on growing their customers promote a culture of continuous improvement for their digital properties. This culture focuses on testing everything, values data over opinion, and creating and maintaining a cycle of testing, learning, and adapting from both measured successes and measured failures.

Tags: #Continuous Improvement, #Testing, #Data Driven

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