Reader's Corner No. 64: How Square Made its Own iPad Replacement, Indexing API for Job Post URL's, and Designing the Perfect Gradient

July 3, 2018

After a refreshing Independence Day off, our team is back in the office both writing and reading about code. The top staff reads for this week’s RC cover Square’s iPad replacement, Google’s new Indexing API, and how to design the perfect gradient.

How Square Made its Own iPad Replacement

David Gouch

Source: Wired

Takeaway: It’s interesting to see the cycle of point of sales hardware: From custom POS systems to consumer hardware (iPads) and then back to custom POS systems. It’s possible to dismiss at first, since the iPad and a peice of plastic you bought on Etsy does meet the definition of ‘good enough.’ But this is a mature product category now, so re-examining it and adding quality of life improvements makes sense.

Tags: #CoffeeShops

Introducing the Indexing API for Job Posting URLs

David Minton

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Takeaway: Google has just released a service they are calling the Indexing API. The new service will allow site owners to directly notify Google when content has changed and needs to be indexed. Currently, the only content eligible for the new service are job posting pages that include structured data. This is response to Google Career site, which while very successful, has been hampered by the inclusion of job postings already filled—without an easy way for site owners to notify Google when the job listings should be removed. Hopefully, this is only a first step towards a system that will allow site owners to notify Google of other time-sensitive data that should be indexed on demand.

Tags: #Google, #SEO, #Search, #StructuredData

How To Design The Perfect Gradient

Frank Yonnetti

Source: Webdesigner Depot

Takeaway: We have an ongoing joke around the office that no one is truly a designer unless they always use gradients and drop shadows. So, this article is a great start for anyone who wants to become a designer (Jay, I'm looking at you :).

Tags: #Gradients, #Design, #DropShadows

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