Reader's Corner No. 41: Stars Losing Their Voice, Maintaining a Project Portfolio, and Software Development 450 Words Per Minute

September 05, 2017

We hope you had a fun and safe Labor Day, and enjoyed the long weekend! This week we are addressing stars losing their voice, maintaining a project portfolio, and software development 450 words per minutes.

Why do stars like Adele keep losing their voice?

David Gouch

Source: The Guardian

Takeaway: On the topic of famous vocalists damaging their vocal cords and increasingly turning to surgery for repair. Is it the case that pop stars are like athletes suffering injury from pushing to extremes — or is that push to extremes (technique) the exact problem?

Tags: #Pop

Maintain a Healthy Project Portfolio with Metrics and Reviews

Michael Nicholson

Source: How to Manage a Camel (blog)

Takeaway: The article discusses management of a Project Portfolio through metrics and reviews, all through the lens of a company's strategy. The author suggests a number of metrics (including budget, timeliness, and ROI among others), expressing the belief that a company should generally start with one or two metrics to determine portfolio health, and then add more metrics over time.

Additionally the author suggests a variety of possible frequencies for portfolio review, as well as discussing the merits of full vs. partial portfolio review.

Tags: #ProjectManagement, #Strategy

Software development 450 words per minute

Jay Roberts

Source: Vincit Blog

Takeaway: It's easy to make assumptions about accessibility (e.g. MacOS is the most accessible platform for programmers) that turn out not to be strictly true.

Tags: #Programming, #Accessibility

Could your users benefit from a more accessible website? Let our team help improve your user experience.

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