Reader's Corner No. 30: iOS Reach Navigation, Deleting a Google My Business Listing, Effective Brief, and Hacking Yourself

June 5, 2017

This week is full of presenting and attending conferences, and we look forward to all the new ideas and fresh perspectives. Keep a look out for those insights next week. We have some interesting articles to share with you from last week, including: iOS each Navigation, deleting a Google My Business listing, effective briefs, and hacking yourself.

All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design

David Gouch

Source: Brad Ellis

Takeaway: Have you noticed iPhones have gotten bigger? This article touches on issues with using an interface that was designed with much smaller phones in mind — and searches for any leading indicators that might show how Apple will address this going forward.

Tags: #UI

How to Delete a Google My Business Listing – A Common Question with a Complex Answer

David Minton

Source: Moz Blog

Takeaway: Google’s My Business Listings are a great feature for providing valuable information such as address, hours of operation, reviews, and photos for your business in prime real-estate on Google’s Search Engine Listings Pages (SERPs). Problems surface, however, if the information isn’t accurate, or needs to be updated. We recently experienced this first hand when Google incorrectly changed our business address, and we discovered a duplicate listing for DesignHammer. It required a few weeks of effort, including direct interaction with Googlers to resolve the issues we discovered. The Moz Blog neatly outlines eleven scenarios, including what best to do, as well as how and why to do it.

Tags: #Google, #SEO

The Creative Brief Template: The Elements of an Effective Brief

Michael Nicholson

Source: The Wrike Blog

Takeaway: The creative brief is a tool used early in the project process to document the overall tone, goals, deliverables, and time line for the project. This should include the parties involved (client, external resources, internal resources), a high level view of the project and client goals/needs, the specific project objectives, the audience profile, and the execution specifics.

This brief can be used to align the teams moving forward on the project, and to create an accessible outline to use throughout the project.

Tags: #ProjectManagement

Hacker, Hack Thyself

Jay Roberts

Source: Coding Horror

Takeaway: Developers commonly approach application security by following best practices from a developer's perspective. However, it is useful to take on the role of a hacker and actually attempt real-world penetration techniques to find areas where your application's security can be improved.

Tags: #Security, #Passwords

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