Reader's Corner No. 101: A Quora-Inspired Poem About Silicone Valley, Happy Hour Branding, and The Best Code is No Code,

May 24, 2019

Today's edition of Reader's Corner contains three articles that answer many questions...and some that will generate even more! Learn why Jay believes that the best code is no code, see how modern designers tackling creative alcohol branding in 2019, or inversely, read an innovative article that asks more questions than it answers; the first being what would a poem about Silicone Valley sound like if it consisted solely of user inquiries from a popular question-and-answer website (Quora)?

A Poem About Silicon Valley, Assembled from Quora Questions About Silicon Valley

Amanda Hart

Source: Splinter News

Takeaway: An amusing poem that asks the "real" questions, reflecting how modern tech culture in the USA (especially Silicon Valley) seems utterly insane compared to real life for most people in the USA. If you don't laugh you'll cry, am I right? And also, "How did your excretions change under a full Soylent diet?"

Tags: #SiliconeValley, #TechPoetry, #OurModernWorld

Happy Hour

David Minton

Source: AIGA Eye on Design

Takeaway: In the early days of the recent resurgence in craft brewing and distilling, branding and packaging were often minimal. With limited distribution, and typically superior quality over mass competitors, minimal design effort was often all that was necessary to gain loyal customers. With the crowding of the space, branding and package design has increased in importance for producers to stand out from the crowd. Spotlighting the best of the new wave of design, check out AIGA Eye on Design blog’s Happy Hour, a monthly review of some of the best of “booze branding,” including packaging for beer, wine, and spirits.

Tags: #Design, #Branding

The Best Code is No Code

Jay Roberts

Source: Letters to a New Developer

Takeaway: Dan Moore makes a simple and salient point about considering alternatives to writing custom code for solving a business problem.

Tags: #Programming

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