Holiday Break Plans and Traditions

December 20, 2017

Our offices will be closed from Christmas Eve through New Years, and each of us will be celebrating or relaxing in a variety of ways. Read about some of our favorite traditions and holiday plans. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe holidays and will see you in 2018!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Stephen Pashby

Every year, my wife and I either read or listen to a reading of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Last year, we listened to a reading at the New York Public Library by Neil Gaiman.

Figurine Advent Calendar

Amanda Hart

One tradition that I reignited for myself is opening an advent calendar every day until Christmas. :) Even as an adult, I find it fun to have a small mystery gift hiding behind those cardboard doors every day. This year I purchased one where each door has a little vinyl figurine dressed up for the holiday season as a snowman, caroler, nutcracker, and more. It's a nice surprise that I will get to enjoy each year since I can now include the resulting figurines in my holiday decor.

Christmas Tree Gazing

Michael Nicholson

My favorite Christmas tradition has always been sitting in the living room with my mother and looking at the Christmas tree. I’m not certain that’ll it happen this year, but hopefully we’ll find a way.

Cousin Madness

Jeanette Larsen

My husband, Ryan, and I both have mom’s that are one of eight children, which means lots and lots of family. Most of that family lives within an hour of each other in Utah, and Ryan grew up spending his Christmas breaks at his grandparents house. This year we will be joining the 30+ cousin madness and enjoying Grandma’s orange rolls (think cinnamon roll) and cookies.

Family Star Wars Theatre Trip

David Minton

My son turns seven this week, so for the third year my wife and I will be taking him to see a Star Wars film, first-run, in a movie theatre. He is super excited, having spend the last few weeks watching fan theory videos on YouTube. Seems like this will be a tradition to continue for years to come. And, with luck, he will never have to experience another Star Wars Holiday Special.

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