The latest facet of my practical business education at DesignHammer involves social media. Today, I want to share my findings on Twitter, the marketer’s dream social networking platform.
In July, Twitter announced its latest feature: link shortening. The new service not only checks links for potential malicious sites, but also allows website owners to track incoming links from Twitter.
Following a lawsuit brought by Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals' Manager, Tony La Russa, Twitter is taking a hard stance on users creating profiles that pose as celebrities and is testing out verified accounts on their website.
Did your favorite third-party Twitter application begin acting strangely, or quit working altogether Friday evening? If so, don't panic, you are probably just experiencing a Year 2000 Bug for the new millennium, dubbed the Twitpocalypse. Who would have thought 2 billion tweets could cause so much trouble? Read on to learn how we got into this mess, and what will have to be done to dig us out.