Reader's Corner No. 54: Every Frame a Painting, Learning from Failed Projects, and Remembering "event" Markup

December 4, 2017

Does snow on the forecast this week make it officially winter now? I'll take my 70 degree winter, thank you. Besides bundling up, we've a handful of interesting articles to share this week. Topics include: Every Frame a Painting, learning from failed projects, and remembering "event" markup.

Postmortem: Every Frame a Painting

David Gouch

Source: Tony Zhou

Takeaway: A sendoff to a very special YouTube channel that jumpstarted the video essay format. Lots of discussion of communication vs technology, creativity vs audience, and why Every Frame a Painting is being retired.

Tags: #Film

A reminder about “event” markup

David Minton

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog

Takeaway: Google will again bring down the nerf hammer on those that try to game the system, this time in the application structured data markup. Google staff have noticed many sites marking up non-events such as coupons and sales events as if they were “events” such as a concert, lecture, or play. This has led to confusion by Google’s search users as well as being against Google’s guidelines. Sites using this technique are advised to review and get their content in line, else face the wrath of Google, which could include elimination of all structured code for that site from search results.

Tags: #Google, #SEO

5 Takeaways From Failed Projects

Michael Nicholson

Source: PM Times article

Takeaway: Brad Egeland suggests five takeaways from failed projects. These takeaways are processes to prevent repeatable mistakes in project management.

  1. Always Conduct Lessons Learned
  2. Peer Reviews Of Deliverables Are Important
  3. Communication Is At The Forefront Of Project Success
  4. Make Sure Your Chosen Tool Or Tools Can Do The Job
  5. Balance Customer And Senior Leadership Input When Making Decisions

Tags: #ProjectManagement

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